By Alvin Engelke

The Creston post office will host a stamp event day on May 23, 2001 from 9 A. M. til 11 A. M. to honor local veterans. On that day the postal service will dedicate the new "Honoring Veterans" postage stamp. At the local office there will be displays for folks to view. In addition there will be refreshments and drawings for door prizes. Everyone is invited.

For the most part the worms have quit eating fruit trees and are now crawling about looking for places to spin cocoons. They especially like houses and at times some roadways were almost slippery with them. Meanwhile worms can be heard eating oak leaves and other trees in the woods. Some are the gypsy moths but others look like tent caterpillars that didn't find cherry trees to eat.

The United States Department of Agriculture's multiflora rose is coming out in bloom now. USDA bureaucrats can claim success for they eliminated 98% of the farm population [to provide industrial workers] and they introduced oriental roses that have spread just like communist Chinese influence.

There was a big crop of locust blossoms this year and they were as tasty as ever. Generally when there is a big locust bloom it is considered a good year for corn.

Dennis & Greta Starcher and their "crew" have put a flat bed on one of their trucks.

Euell Russell was consulting with his physician at Minnie Hamilton Health Center.

The other day the Old Furniture Salesman went down to his resort place and took Willie along. When he got down to the Slider place he noted they had caught a passel of fish so he stopped to see if Chuck would teach him how to filet fish. The answer was no so the old salesman went on down to his place. When he came back he saw the Sliders cleaning the fish so he stopped again and watched to see how it was done. Then he realized that he and Rose had a dinner engagement with prominent folks at the Chez Ritz so he said "Good Bye" and went home.

When he got out on the ridge Rose asked, "Where's Willie?"

Roy got down and looked under the bed but Willie was not to be found. A phone call to the Slider home determined that Willie was safe and sound with friends there.

C. Romeo Griffin, Jr. & Kayla, Janet Jett, J. P. R. P. & A. C. Marks were among those calling on Debbie and J. B. Griffin. C. Romeo and J. B. tried out the new (to them) Lincoln welder in the front yard.

Several local residents are upset with the DNR for the Sunday hunting mess. It is understood lots of land will be posted against all hunting any time.

S. R. Lynch was undergoing some diagnostic tests recently.

Both Morris and Dickie Tanner bagged nice gobblers out on Pack Saddle.

Samantha the Brownie Maker and her cousin Ashley were attending to business in Spencer. Ashley noted that she always had a great day when she got to visit Sam's parents.

Cap'n & Mrs. Spock were Saturday dinner guests at the residence of Aunt Verda and Uncle Pete. The price of local crude oil rose to $24.25/bbl or just under 58 cents/gallon. However, local crude is used to make high dollar end products which do not include gasolene.

Columbia is reported to be having problems with their well at Medina although all is going well with the Orchard Run well. They are having pipe line right-of-way problems at Linden since they won't tell one of the royalty owners how the unit will be drawn, etc. It has been clear that Columbia has not been happy that others would dare "play in their sandbox" as they have always taken the view that W. Va. was always the Rockefeller trust private gas and oil reserve. Along these lines they have let at least one independent know that they plan to use an obscure law (that likely they had passed just for them and Exxon, a sister company) to take deep wells away from private operators after they have been paid for. This would sort of be like urban renewal, a private condemnation for the "more deserving".

The folks at the United Nations are planning a big meeting to begin a worldwide plan to take guns away from private citizens. Two of the major funding agencies are the Ford Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation. By UN definitions all private guns are defined as "illegal". One should then read what Adolph Hitler and his associates said about taking guns away from the citizens of Germany and especially its Jewish community.

Cap'n Spock and the anonymous farmer type gent were attending to business at Willard C. Starcher's in Spencer recently. Rumor has it that the farmer is rebuilding a lawn mower's drive train.

Ticks are very common again this year and then one learns that area residents are suffering from Lyme's disease.

The Wirt County Farm Bureau will hold its regular monthly meeting Tuesday May 22 at 8 P. M. at the road garage in Elizabeth.

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