By Alvin Engelke

The bull frogs have been singing, whip-poor-wills have been calling and the tent caterpillar worms are everywhere. Perhaps the government agents who said they were no problem could come around and gather them up and, perhaps, send them to the Communist Chinese in exchange for the plane that they hit.

Bessie Arthur is scheduled to consult with her physician.

W. A Wilson, Jr. was consulting with his physician in Spencer.

The Banker Lady fixed a scrumptious loaf of bread the other day for the fellows at the road garage to share.

Sgt. Thomas Fluharty, U. S. A., Retired and the wife went off to Babcock State Park on the occasion of their anniversary. It seems that Sgt. Tom found out he had aged some and while Barb was none the worse for wear, Tom got so sick he missed some days work. He claimed he got a chill in the rain early one morning.

Dennis & Greta Starcher of the Joker vicinity were calling on Debbie & J. B. Griffin at their Burning Springs residence. The ladies reportedly authorized the guys to swap a truck for a welder.

Someone left an over the road box trailer at Creston over the weekend.

Rev. Robert Stanley filled his regular appointment at the Burning Springs M. E. church.

It seems that the folks down at the mouth of Elk River decided they had solved all the states financial problems by putting a big tax on snuff, installing slot machines and by double crossing Larry Border and authorizing Sunday hunting unless a county vote is held to ban it. Older residents remember when folks, cut from the same cloth, brayed that only if W. Va. had "liquor by the drink" folks would come from all over and solve our financial woes. There is now a move on to not allow hunting on private land on any day. Maps will be made available of Mr. Hamrick's (and his friends) farms for the high rollers and then it will be seen how much money is raised from the tourist hunters. With the big tax on snuff it is likely that mail order purchases from Fred Stoker and others will increase significantly.

Cap'n & Mrs. Spock were among those calling on Uncle Pete & Aunt Verda at their Millstone residence Sunday afternoon.

It was reported that the white perch were biting.

There has been a lot of talk about paying "reparations" to the descendants of former slaves. Recently one fellow who bragged about making South Africa a Marxist nation told how he was going to get the reparations money in America. He said he would influence the children of the wealthy and powerful by working in the schools were the nation's rulers children are trained (private schools, Harvard, Yale, etc.) When the word got out recently about the African slave ship with the 250 slave children one key fact leaked out and that was that slaves now sell in Africa (to other Africans) for $15 each. The reparations bill should be easy to figure if such be justified.

It was reported that Columbia's well on Orchard Run was doing well and that the well at Medina was having difficulties. Columbia has obtained a permit to deepen their second well in Roane County. Harry Clay Boggs is drilling the Hoff well at the head of Shaver deeper through "very hard rock".

Terry Pegula's East Resources continues to drill at Brohard (Hartley) They have yet to get their first duster there.

Mineral owners in Columbia Gas's Tawney and Epling well units received their first checks and some noted that they were not paid market price. Along those lines the State of Alabama just recently obtained a substantial punitive judgment against Columbia's sister company, Exxon, for shorting the state on oil and gas royalties. Both are part of the Rockefeller Standard Oil Trust.

Speaking of Rockefellers, former State Sen. Jay Wolfe who once spent an evening at Creston is running to replace New York's third U. S. Senator with one from the Mountain State.

Albert Gore Jr. who in his book "Earth in the Lurch" said it would be great if gasolene cost $2/gallon. He should be happy now. Apparently the elite would rather that us peasants travel in ox carts and light with candles. Out in the land of fruit and nuts where there is said to be an electric shortage, things must not be too serious for hanging laundry out on the line (and avoiding using clothes dryers) is not allowed.

Cap'n Spock & Harold "Uncle Fuddly" Sturm wee among those calling at the Cooper Lumber Company's corporate headquarters on Hardman's Fork recently. Emma, the corporate treasurer, is recuperating from some ear trouble.

"Uncle Fuddly" reported that Lula Hughes must be "getting some spunk back" as she's much more talkative these last few days.

A number of local residents have been having automotive difficulties.

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