Donna Jordan was removed as treasurer of the Minnora Community Center at the organization's board meeting Friday night. President Wanda Richards said Jordan had not shown interest in the position since she was elected at the last meeting. Richards presented a financial statement to the five or six board members present, dated May 4th. It showed income of $5,566 and expenditures of $4261, with a balance of $1386.

Jordan said she advised the board she would assume the duties of treasurer if an audit was done. Richards advised Jordan she would "Have to pay for it out of your own pocket." Board member Rose Jarvis told Jordan "We cannot afford an audit."

Richards expressed displeasure toward Jordan regarding statements she made in a Letter to the Editor of The Calhoun Chronicle. Jordan said "Spending of thousands of dollars of Community Center money are being made without consulting all board members, or following by-laws."

Richards said "This is a slap in the face." She said Jordan's statement indicates wrongdoing when it is not true. "It makes it sound like another (Senior Citizen's Center) scandal."

"It is clearly evident someone is doing something right," when people look at the progress made at the center, said Richards. "We have worked really hard to make it go from the beginning."

Wanda Richards MCC Board President

Board has outside meeting

Jordon removed as treasurer

Justin Wizard could become next treasurer

"We don't need titles and glories, kings and queens - we need workers," said Richards. She accused Jordan and Larry Cottrell of not doing the work necessary to help the center, but showing up at board meetings and complaining. "Larry Cottrell comes to board meetings to raise hell," she said, saying he does not work to help the center. "He has disgraced us with his lies." Cottrell was not present to defend himself.

Five of six board members attending the meeting voted to remove Jordan as treasurer, after which the group voted to offer the position to Jeannie Hicks, Wanda Richard's daughter. Justin Wizard of the Walker community was also nominated, but failed to receive enough votes, although the motion said he would assume the treasurer's job if Hicks declined.

The board also voted to remove Juanita Boggs because she has missed three scheduled meetings in a row. Jordan objected to several of Friday night's actions, stating procedure was not being followed or by-laws were being violated, in addition to making corrections to the official minutes.

Richards expressed her anger toward David Corson, a community member who has filed a civil suit against the MCC. Corson is seeking to start a nutrition program at the center and claims the center violated their agreement with him. She said Corson also threatened to bring a lawsuit against the center if they engaged in a contract to provide computer training for displaced Kellwood workers and told CCCOA Director Mike Ritchie, he would "Fight him tooth and nail" if that senior group came to Minnora.

She said Cottrell had refused to pay $82 he owes the center from last year for reunions. Richards said Cottrell gave her the check in an envelope with a "love stamp" on the outside, but it was accidentally destroyed. She said he has declined to issue another check.

Richards read a conciliatory poem about Cottrell, mentioning his good points. "Larry voted for me as president" she said, and "now wants me off the board because he can't control me." She said Cottrell and others are upset this board meeting was being held at a private residence, stating it has been done before with his approval.

Other topics discussed at Friday's meeting included solving problems with the center's sewage pond and the possibility of loaning bleachers to the Upper West Fork Park. Jordan discussed the need to better manage Welfare to Work employees.

Jordan discussed the opportunity of MCC participating in the "21st Century-Lights On" grant and issues regarding the failure of the center to deliver on a $1000 Family Resource Network grant.

About twenty people attended the meeting which was held on the lawn.

Richards said "The MCC is a great asset to the community and we will do our part to make it go."

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