By Alvin Engelke

Virgie Duskey from Cremo who had been ill for quite some time passed away it was reported.

Roy E. Merrill of Northfield Ohio passed away. He was the son of the late Ray and Anna Gail Davis Merrill. He was a grandson of William and Mabel Hopkins Merrill.

Wayne Rhodes passed away. His brother Don Rhodes lives in Creston.

There were 116 on had for the big gospel sing at the Creston Church and the next one is scheduled for May 26 with a meal served earlier at the Creston Community Building. The sing almost wasn't the biggest news in the community for while the meal was being served at the building something went wrong with an outside light which caused the building to catch on fire. The local fire departments were called and quick thinking folks at the gathering rigged up a water hose from the hot water heater and sprayed down the burning area with the result that damage was minimal.

The dealer in antiquities was reported to have made a social call on the retired furniture salesman. Some thought that they might have talked of old times but perhaps they discussed future plans.

"Junkie" Keeder who had been Don and Mia Rhodes' star boarder now has a new name and residence. After sipping some persimmon nectar he was reported to have played "bumper car" down at the county seat harming at least one woman and various objects. "Hot Rod" is now 'vacationing' at the Hotel Shoveront.

Linda Hall remains a patient in the Camden-Clark Hospital and Nancy Hall has been consulting her physician.

C. Glen Arthur finally made it home after his open heart surgery.

Charles I. Russell was among those who attended the Relay for Life salad and baked potato meal in Elizabeth.

Roger Graham and his son-in-law, Tony Skyler, of Grantstown, Pennsylvania were visiting Dorothy and Paul Edward Graham and doing some turkey hunting. Both bagged nice birds. They also visited Mr. and Mrs. Tom Lemon of Torch Ohio who fixed a find spread for the hungry hunters and Dorothy. Roger now has 3 grandchildren, his son David having two and his daughter one. That now makes 13 great grandchildren for Dorothy. Mike and Steve Graham and Shawn Starcher were also calling on Dorothy and Paul Edward.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ferrell and family were calling on Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Westfall and Alley Oop.

It was learned that Alvie Ferrell was flirting with a married lady across the street from where he was working.

Rev. Bob Stanley is scheduled to preach at Burning Springs on the first and 4th Sundays this month. Services start at 9:30 A. M. and all are welcome. Bertha Scott and Nancy Hall cleaned the church and Bertha fixed a beautiful basket of flowers.

"Beanie" Veon was visiting Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Bell of Sanoma.

Mary, Greg and Michael Newton of Blairsville, Georgia were calling on Cap'n & Mrs. Spock & Dixie, Sis & Cooter Marks and sons J. P., R. P. and A. C. as well as C. Romeo and Chris Griffin, Kayla and Dalton. The Newton clan isolated to move to Florida soon since Steve was promoted. All the young'uns had an enjoyable visit as their activities included snipe hunting, motorcycle riding, muddin' & hill climbin' aboard the Starship Enterprise in Rock Run, BADminton, volleyball, etc. The older folks reminisced about days gone by. Also calling at the Space Dock were Dennis and Greta (Sturms) Starcher.

The price of local crude oil rose to $24.25 and the price of natural gas for April was $5.75. Some of the folks paid for gas from the biggest of the Roane County deep wells reported that they were paid royalty at less than the market price. Some outfits assign artificial "wellhead prices" which are much less than the price actually received for the natural gas that is sold. Many poorly written leases (from the perspective of land owners) allow for such as well as other outrages that are foisted on West Virginians for the benefit of others far away.

The folks down at the Mouth of Elk River made the state safe for the gambling interests and some got mad and threatened censure when it was suggested that "they had been bought and paid for". To show that W. Va. is "hip" they put a big tax on snuff ("Just to discourage use!") and chewing tobacco. Some local elected representatives said no to the charade and were then ridiculed by the "big city" establishment press.

"Jeep" Lewis, a postal bureaucrat from Charleston was in Creston assigning the new 911 addresses even though his maps and names were not correct. When one is a high paid government functionary one apparently is not obligated to be correct. Elsewhere, it has been learned, that the "wonderful new" system has been 'a step back in time', often not needed, not user friendly and a great waste of money.

Speaking of government experts some of them say the worms don't harm much. Maybe they can spend the rest of the year counting the number of fruit and wild cherry trees that die this year from the extreme defoliation. Then the gypsy moth is next. It was learned that Wirt County is in a log quarantine because of these imported pests. Local residents are still contending with government ladybugs (Asiatic beetles) and the Chinese Communists are still threatening us if they don't get their way. They read that when Hitler did such Mr. Chamberlain gave in.

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