By Alvin Engelke

Lloyd Saurborn passed away recently after a protracted illness. He and his late wife were prominent in the Fairmont business community and then they retired to his home place on Little Creek. Subsequently they both suffered strokes and other illnesses.

C. Glen Arthur was transferred from CAMC to St. Joseph's hospital. He recently underwent bypass surgery.

W. A. Wilson, Jr. was consulting his physician.

Linda Hall remains a patient in the Camden-Clark Hospital.

Nancy Engelke was consulting with Dr. Myers on Mt. Zion.

Alvin Engelke was consulting with both his dentist and his chiropractor.

About 35 Wirt County residents, including some from Burning Springs and Creston, went down to the Mouth of Elk River to put in a good word for Wirt and other counties that face abolition by powerful forces in "metropolitan areas". Also down for the day was a large group of home schoolers which included both of the Chris Millers. The home schoolers met up with union forces who want to protect their cushy positions (and competition in the education business that gives real results does not look good for the inept) and the Wirt crew was not very successful inasmuch as the only real topic in the hallowed halls was passing the legislation that organized gambling wants for W. Va.

It was interesting to hear the spiels that some who "had had their arms twisted" gave as justification for more gambling. Some realistic figures had been provided but it was made clear that 'facts were to be avoided at all costs'.

Rev. Robert Stanley gave a special Easter sermon at the Burning Springs M. E. church. He will preach April 22 at 9:30 A. M. All are welcome.

Local residents were relived that the crew of the Navy surveillance plane made it home and many now hope that the captured plane soon becomes the center of a bomb crater. It should now be clear that the communist Chinese intend to wage war against the United States by all means available to them. The quicker America rebuilds the military and constructs the ABM shield the better off we will be.

The barn swallows have returned to Creston from their southern sojourn, geese are nesting, grass is growing, peaches, apples, pears, plums and trilliums are all in bloom and the worms are eating everything in their path. Many wild cherry and domestic fruit trees will be killed this year by the pests. Asiatic beetles (government lady bugs) continue to be a pest; at the Burning Springs M. E. church they were in clumps, just like in the fall.

Anna Engelke, a scholar at Fairmont State College, spent the weekend at her home in Creston. Keith Collins was calling at his ancestral home in Creston over the weekend, too.

Larry Arthur has been on the sick list. The Arthurs sold their farm on Little Creek and are to move to Wells Lock Road.

Clarence "Junkie" Keeder who has been staying with Mr. and Mrs. Don Rhodes was attending to business in Elizabeth.

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Rhodes and daughters were calling in Creston over the weekend.

Union Drilling moved one of their deep hole rigs from Lincoln County and they are now drilling a Trenton/Black River well at Medina in Jackson County. It is understood that the structure there is akin to the formation in the best part of Roane County. Union's spokesperson indicated that the drilling in Lincoln County didn't do too well with some "dry holes".

Cabot and Associates are having the second deep well location in Calhoun County drilled for the surface string of pipe. It is not clear when the rig will come in to drill the deep part of the holes. One local fellow stated that he would work in the oilfield but only if he was paid under the table, straight time for 40 hours, time and a half for Saturday and double time for Sunday. He noted that he didn't want his SSI fouled up with wages. And then there are those who moan when tax cuts are talked.

Levi and Lucas Lynch had a joint birthday party the other day at their residence in Creston. Several family members were on hand for the festivities.

A party was held at the Creston Community Building for Scott and Dollie Villers and family on the occasion of their returning to Georgia.

Joseph Ray Cunningham was calling on Tom Fluharty.

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