By Alvin Engelke

Linda Hall remains a patient in Camden-Clark Hospital. She had been on a respirator.

C. Glen Arthur underwent heart bypass surgery at CAMC. He is doing reasonably well.

Levi Ferrell, son of Albert and Christy Ferrell got a piece of plastic in his eye. He was taken to WVU Hospital in Morgantown for removal of the fragment and treatment for complications from the freak injury.

Dorothy Graham is scheduled for a CAT scan.

Dixie, the K-9 Quarterback had a professional consultation with her Brooksville physician, Dr. Joe Cain, DVM. She was given a good report.

A number of local residents were among those who went to the legislature over the home schooling law. Those opposed to home schooling claimed to be concerned about "social development" but then came unglued when asked about allowing home schoolers participation in sports. The bottom line seems to be the love of money and power not the education of the youth and a fear of competition that will show failed public school policies.

Many local residents are concerned about the Communist Chinese People's Liberation Army forcing down a U. S. plane over international waters and then talking about war with us. All this after our military secrets were sold by the corrupt couple and their associates.

Speaking of oriental pests, multiflora rose is growing, along with Japanese and Tartarian honeysuckle and Asiatic beetles (government ladybugs) are thick in both homes and public places.

The hot weather brought out the tent caterpillars and fruit trees are covered with little tents. Soon the trees will be only bare branches without any leaves.

Dutchman's breeches and other spring ephemerals are in their glory and ramps are up big enough to harvest.

The Gast brothers and their families were spending some time at their place on the ridge at the head of Beaver Dam.

Kayla Copen, Paula, Dalton Levi and C. Romeo Griffin, Jr., Cooter, Sis, J. P., R. P. & A. C. Marks and Cap'n Spock were all on hand to help Debbie Griffin celebrate her birthday Friday evening at the Burning Springs Space Dock.

Jesse Carpenter and Jeremy Ferrell are camping and fishing on the Richardsonville Road.

Anna Engelke and Keith Collins were among those at Daytona Beach recently.

Ron Miller was attending to business in Creston over the weekend.

Becky Johnson has quite a reputation as being "a tough one". Seems she took off only one day for "maternity leave" and came back to report three (3) healthy little ones. Mother and daughters are getting along fine.

Uncle Elmer, it was learned, moved from Liverpool to Lubeck to be closer to his employment. He allowed as how he was good for at least another 15 years.

Geneva deWeese Whytsell Lockhart, age 63, of Cutler, Ohio passed away. She was the daughter of the late Herman and Effie Nellie Connolly deWeese. Older residents will remember when the deWeese family lived on Goose Nest. Ralph burned up in a house fire and for many years after they moved to Ohio, Gilbert came back to visit family and friends.

Susan Myers was visiting in Creston over the weekend.

H. D. "Abe" Dooley was calling on Cap'n Spock (president & CEO of the Tiny Mighty Mo Dozer Service) recently to ascertain Mo's condition. At this writing Mo is said to be in questionable condition with no certain date for a return to service.

The economic slowdown which started some months ago has been having significant local effects. One local resident said the sawmill where her son works has cut back to 3 day weeks. Shady characters have been writing letters saying they will "pay top dollar" for timber and land when prices have hit a slump. In some instances the buyers are acting as agents for foreign firms.

Sheriff Allen Parsons, Trooper J. B. Hunt, Cap'n & Mrs. Spock were among those calling on Deward and Byrnadeen Offutt on Daniel's Run. The Spocks were also calling on Uncle Pete and Aunt Verda.

Eastern American Energy has started a deep well location near the fire station at Silverton and the Mayor of Auburn noted that an 18,000' hole would be started soon near there. Drilling has started on Cabot's location in Calhoun County and the company reported that they plan to drill 4 Trenton lime wells in 2001. The one trend follows the Arches Fork Anticline and the other runs in a line parallel with the Ohio River from Wayne County though the edge of Wirt and Wood Counties crossing into Ohio above Williamstown. Cabot's leases call for horizontal and slant hole wells, among other things.

CNR tested the well on the Hensley place on Canoe with a report of 3 million. They are contemplating whipstocks to drill horizontally as well as a frac job. CNR has also started their Trenton/Black River well on Orchard Run on the old McGraw place. A company spokesperson noted that if the Orchard Run well didn't turn out better than the Canoe well they would start looking back down the trend toward Kanawha County. Columbia is also drilling in upstate New York.

Terry Pegula's East Resources fractured the A. B. Wilson #21 at Brohard and crews, including Shirley "Butch" Meadows and Dave Freshwater have been busy hooking up wells, laying gas lines, setting oil tanks, etc.

The concern over hoof and mouth disease and other plant and animal pathogens continues to be a major worry. The report that a vial of "super hoof & mouth virus" was stolen from a lab gave no one any relief as there has been concern all along about terrorists spreading disease to cause economic and political chaos.

The Wirt County Farm Bureau will hold its monthly meeting Tuesday April 17 at 8 P. M. at the road garage in Elizabeth. All members and friends of agriculture are welcome.

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