By Bob Weaver

Calhoun School Board member Carlene Frederick expressed concern Monday night regarding the "wrongful" positioning of the baseball field at the new Calhoun Middle/High School athletic complex. She said several people had approached her regarding statements that made "the Board of Education look bad." She said she was not seeking to blame any one person.

"I never heard about the field being positioned wrong until I heard it from the media," she said.

The problem came up when coaches and players raised concerns about the sun being a safety hazard on the new field, discontinuing play. Administrator Roger Propst acknowledged the field was turned "wrongly" at a meeting of the Calhoun County Athletic Complex Committee. Initial home games at the field have been postponed because of the sun problem. Home games are being re-scheduled with games starting earlier in the evening to help with the sun problem. (SEE earlier Hur Herald stories under Archives)

Board member Ralph Cunningham said "It is a problem, but we all knew it wasn't perfect." He said the issue was needing about $200,000 to do a larger fill. "We went with what we had," he said. "If we had not done the earth moving at the time, it would never have gotten done (the complex)."

Frederick indicated statements made by administrator Roger Propst about the Board letting it happen, was her concern. "I did not hear about it. That is my concern," she said, although she was aware of the money crunch on the athletic projects.

Board President Rick Fitzwater said many fields in the county are not perfect. "At some point in time sun will be in the eyes," he said.

Propst said the challenge was how to put a conventional ball field there. "It was done the only way it could be done," he said. Propst said every effort is being made to insure the players are safe and the field can be utilized.

Administrator Donnie Pitts said a lot of work and energy has gone into developing the complex with limited resources. "It seems like after it is done, we hear the complaints."

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