By Alvin Engelke

Area residents had their biological clocks fouled up again by an intrusive federal government that requires an official time change for the benefit of various influential groups.

There will be a benefit auction Saturday, April 7 starting at 6 P. M. at the Creston Community Building. Everyone is invited to come spend the evening, have some fun. search for some bargains including yummy cheese, candy and pepperoni, etc. Proceeds go to maintain the community building.

Herschel Nutter, Sr., age 74, passed away after an extended illness. A Creston native who worked for the highway department, he returned to spend his last years here.

Mildred Boice Nolan McVey, age 89, of Parkersburg passed away in a rest home. She was born in Creston January 7, 1912 and was a daughter of the late Frank and Emma Boice.

Rev. Robert Stanley filled his regular appointment at the Burning Springs M. E. church. On Easter Sunday he will be there at 8 A. M. for a special service. Sunday school, that morning, will be right after the Easter service.

Ralph Cunningham and son were calling on Mr. and Mrs. Ray Cunningham. It was reported that it had been years since Ralph last visited.

Local residents were a little worried when they heard about the big jail break down at the Hotel Shoveront early Saturday morning. The four desperadoes were thought to have beat up Lloyd Mullinex before stealing a car and leaving town. The getaway car was said to have been found abandoned on Mayberry. Details about how the quartet sprang have not been released.

C. Glen Arthur was transferred to a Charleston hospital for scheduled open heart surgery on Wednesday.

S. R. Lynch was attending to business in Elizabeth, Palestine, Reedy and Spencer one day last week Then another day he helped bury gas lines. Nancy Engelke spent the weekend visiting family in North Carolina.

Euell Russell attended a gospel sing at the senior center in Grantsville.

The old log Rose Hill church at the head of Beaver Dam is now only a pile of scrap wood. The fine hewed logs were last seen on a truck with an upscale name heading down I-77 just north of Charleston. Such structures fetch big bucks in the upscale sections of the country. An old barn that was a local landmark was torn down and taken to the eastern panhandle and it was reported that some old buildings were taken down and shipped to California. Generally the price of old lumber, etc. is much higher than what one would pay for new wood.

The price of local crude oil fell $1.50/bbl to $22.25 last week reflecting the volatile market and the announcement that a vast amount had been imported from foreign lands recently.

Terry Pegula's East Resources continues to drill good shale wells in the Brohard field with the J. C. Hays coming in as a natural making both gas and oil. Drilling is in progress in Calhoun County and Columbia was at 9800' on the Hensley well on Canoe in Roane County. It was reported that operations had started on one of the deep wells in northern Jackson County.

Local residents remain concerned about the doings down at the mouth of Elk River. First there were those who wanted to lay a big tax on snuff, plug, twist, etc. and then they wanted to help out the gambling industry, etc. Now the Clinton operatives in the EPA wanted to ban muddy streams which in a clay landscape is impossible and all this was with Sunday hunting. Seems some of the Loganites want to make going into the woods a hazard 7 days a week during hunting season.

The weight crew caught some of the fellows who tore up the road leading from Creston to Spencer. Neighboring states have frost laws to prevent the damage that was done but powerful forces in this state want others to provide for them with NO inconvenience on their part.

One local fellow said the other day that it never looked so good for this part of W. Va. and the cattle business, at least as long as no one imports stuff from the contaminated areas. Although there is a vaccine against hoof and mouth disease, it seems that someone, somewhere decided they didn't want to use it as they would rather slaughter all the cattle, sheep, goats and pigs in specific areas. It may also be a good year to raise lots of beans, crowder peas and other protein rich foods.

Mark Rich has been back in the news. The most famous pardonee had a little bad luck the other day when one of his flunkies was caught trying to sneak $1.4 million in cash into England "for legitimate purposes". Also he helped set up the "behind the scenes government" with KGB officers in the USSR before "the end of the cold war". Rich is/was a major player on the W. Va. scene.

Jonathan Tedrick was attending to business in Creston doing some analytical work. The Great Pifu noted that he would get revenge.

Jennifer McVey proved again that she makes fine chocolate chip cookies which were washed down with quality Full's Fork milk The local road crew was also provided with two boxes of doughnuts.

April Fool's day came and it may be a few days before it is known who pulled off the best one. It was learned that Hillary had 60 interns in her New York City office alone.

Auction Saturday April 7 starting at 6 P. M. at the Creston Community Building. Tools, miscellaneous items, cheese, candy, grab bags, 50/50. Everyone welcome. Details contact Donna Sue at 275-3202. Bobby Ray Starcher 890-01.

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