Church News

04/28/2016New Testament Baptist Church Revival May 2-4
03/24/2016Truth Or Tradition #361
03/17/2016Truth Or Tradition #360
03/10/2016Truth Or Tradition #359
03/03/2016Truth Or Tradition #358
02/25/2016Truth Or Tradition #357
02/18/2016Truth Or Tradition #356
02/11/2016Truth Or Tradition #355
02/04/2016Truth Or Tradition #354
01/28/2016Truth Or Tradition #353
01/19/2016Truth Or Tradition #352
01/10/2016Truth Or Tradition #351
01/07/2016Truth Or Tradition #350
12/31/2015Truth Or Tradition #349
12/24/2015Truth Or Tradition #348
12/10/2015Truth Or Tradition #347
12/03/2015Truth Or Tradition #346
11/26/2015Truth Or Tradition #345
11/24/2015Truth Or Tradition #344
11/17/2015Truth Or Tradition #343
11/05/2015Truth Or Tradition #342
12/20/2008Christmas - An X’ing Out Or An Ushering In Of Christ?
07/04/2005True Liberty - 4th of July Meditation - Pastor Brian D. Jones
03/21/2005My Daily Prayer - By Pat Ridpath of Burnsville, WV
03/10/2005True Religious Liberty - By Pastor Brian D. Jones
01/01/2005Welcoming In The New Year - Pastor Brian D. Jones
12/25/2004Advent Splendor - A Christmas Meditation By Pastor Brian D. Jones

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