GOVERNOR ADMITS TO AFFAIR - Her Husband Wants To Sell Story


West Virginia Governor Bob Wise told the public yesterday he had been having an affair with a woman, and made an apology to his family and the people of West Virginia. He said he took full responsibility.

"I apologize deeply to the people of our state for my actions. In my private life, I have let many people down."

"Several weeks ago, I had to do the toughest thing I have ever done -- tell my family I had not lived up to their trust, expectation and love. I was not faithful to my family," Wise said in a release from his press office. "I knew it was wrong, and now I must take full responsibility."

The woman has been identified as Angela Mascia-Frye, an employment of the state development office.

Her husband, Philip Frye, 40, declined to comment on specifics, but said "I didn't come down with the last rain," Frye, a musician who lives in Hugheston in Kanawha County, said. "I let this thing go on for months so I could get as much evidence as I possibly could." The comments were made to the Charleston Dail Mail.

"I had private detectives all over this thing. I've got pictures and documents -- all kinds of hard evidence."

Frye said he had had little success with his music career and the financial strain caused by the divorce was great. Frye indicated he was hoping to be able to sell his story to newspapers or tabloids.

Frye was reported to have said about Wise - "That little weasel-faced bastard - a. typical Democrat."

Frye's attorney has accused the Daily Mail of in accurate reporting regarding Fryes's statements. The paper stands behind the reporter.

Earlier reports stated, State Republican Chairman Kris Warner said his party would use Wises' transgression against him if he decides to run for governor again. However, other top officials with the state Republican Party say they will not use Governor Wise's personal problems against him in next year's election.

State GOP Executive Director Gary Abernathy say the republicans are going to stay focused on the issues. He says Governor Wise has let the state down with his policies. He says the governor has been a poor leader.

Abernathy says the GOP will not focus on the personal issue, but he couldn't speak for individual candidates.

Angela Mascia-Frye was born in Switzerland, Angela attended the University of Basle where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and a Bachelor of Art degree in French and English. From 1987 through 1989 she worked for the Swiss Bank Corporation and from 1990 through 1996 she worked for a pharmaceutical company as a controller in Basle, Switzerland.

Mascia-Frye worked for West Virginia University Institute of Technology from October 1997 through December 2000. She speaks five languages including German, French, Italian, English and Spanish. She joined the International Division of the West Virginia Development office in January 2001, and is responsible for developing investment projects involving European companies in coordination with the state's office in Munich, Germany, and through direct marketing initiatives in Germany, Italy, Spain, France, UK, Switzerland, Belgium and other European countries

Currently she has been marketing the state, coordinates site selection activities, and provides a wide range of related services to international investors.

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