$4.1 MILLION GOVERNMENT FUNDS WILL IMPROVE GRANTSVILLE-CALHOUN WATER SYSTEMS - Supporting Pleasant Hill, Mt. Zion PSD, Grantsville Getting $350,000 Streetscape Project


By Bob Weaver

A major $4.1 million water improvement project for the Grantsville water treatment plant is expected to be bid in 2019, according to Tim Meeks with the Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Council.

Meeks said the design engineering by Dunn Associates is about 80% complete.

Grantsville is in line to get a Main Street improvement project.

In 2017 the Transportation Alternatives and Recreational Trails Grant programs provided more than $7 million for a variety of improvements, including $350,000 to Grantsville for a Main Street Streetscape beautification project.

Mayor Ron Blankenship said he expects to receive an update on improvements that will be made for Grantsville's main street.

The purpose of the water project is to make necessary improvements to the 700 gallon per minute Grantsville water treatment plant to secure future uninterrupted delivery of potable water to the majority of Calhoun County citizens.

The funding is from:

ARC - $1,000,000 - 24% Area Development, Distressed Counties
Federal - $1,400,000 - 34% - USDA RD Grant
Local - $1,768,070 - 42% - USDA Loan

Total - $4,168,070 - 100%

This Grantsville water treatment plant supplies water to the Town of Grantsville and resells water to Mt. Zion PSD and Pleasant Hill PSD.

First, as a preliminary project, the Town of Grantsville will mechanically remove mud from the sludge basins that have been inoperable for 6 years.

Next, this project will refurbish portions of the existing water treatment facility that are either inoperable or are nearing the end of their useful life.

Finally, this project will construct a new water storage tank to enable the Town to cease renting a deficient tank from Pleasant Hill PSD and expand the water storage capacity of the plant to comply with Town of Grantsville Source Water Projection plan that requires a minimum of three days of stored water.

Insuring the existence of basic infrastructure is an investment in the future of Grantsville as well as the rest of Calhoun County. Access to water service is a key factor when businesses and services consider their location; ensuring the existence of water service in Calhoun County will improve the ability of communities to implement economic and community development projects.

Pleasant Hill PSD and Mt. Zion PSD have a vested interest in the completion of this project because they are both resale customers of the Grantsville water treatment plant.

This project will lengthen the useful life of the treatment plant and will enable both PSDS to continue serving the additional 1,117 residential customers, 91 commercial customers, 22 industrial customers and 6 public authorities.

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