Truth Or Tradition #362


By Gene H. Miller, Minister
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A Faith You Can Trust #2

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for,
the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1

What Is Faith? In our age of doubts and uncertainties, we need a faith that is solid and secure. Many folks have lost faith in God and in His Word, because of so much insecurity and instability even in the religious world. Faith is a term that is used quite freely, and thus has lost much of its real meaning. What is faith? How does The Bible define it?

The Foundation Of Hope. “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for…” The word substance comes from the Greek word HUPOSTASIS which means “that which stands under.” Faith is the basis, or the foundation. It stands under or gives support to. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus speaks of two builders: One who builds his house upon the sand and the other who builds upon the rock. (Matthew 7:24-27).

Faith is the foundation of our hope. Faith is to hope what the subfloor is to the main floor of a buildiing. Our hope of the second coming, of the resurrection, of the crown of life, of heaven, etc., is supported by our faith. It is important that our faith is solid…based on The Rock. When faith begins to waver, so does our hope.

A young couple fall in love and marry. Their happiness and success is dependent upon their faith in each other, in the institution of marriage, in the state of the economy, etc. On this faith, they begin to build a life together. They hope, and plan, and dream. Let their faith in each other waver, what happens to their hopes and dreams. They are down the drain. Faith is the foundation of our hope.

The Evidence Of The Unseen. “Now faith is…..the evidence of things not seen.” Faith is evidence. A jury will lock a man up, and put him away for life, based on evidence of a crime they never saw committed. I have never seen Abraham Lincoln, but I have no doubt that he lived. That faith is based on the testimony of eye witnesses, written documents, pictures, etc. I have never seen the Pacific Ocean, but I do not doubt its existence.

Is my faith in God a blind leap in the dark? I am typing this on a computer. Common sense tells me somebody had to design and built it. To believe it happened by accident would be a blind leap into the dark. The universe has been around much longer than my computer, and is much more marvelous in its design. Common sense tells me it didn’t happen by accident.

I don’t understand my computer, but that doesn’t keep me from using it and believing that it had a designer. When it breaks down, I won’t stop believing in its designer and maker. We are living in a universe that has been broken by sin, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t have a designer and maker. We can know many things we cannot see.

Someone has well said that faith is not a plane descending through a fog hoping for a runway, but faith is a plane descending through a fog, whose pilot is in radio contact with The Tower.

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