By Bob Weaver

As the sun went down in the Village of Hur, I had some moments of gratitude for living in the hills of West Virginia.

It was a sunny day, with some leaves already falling, a tinge of fall temperatures in the early evening.

The USA has already been hit by a monumental hurricane with flooding in Texas, and the greatest hurricane to even hit landfall in the USA - Irma - is lunging toward Florida.

Then this past week there was a terrific earthquake off Mexico.

To personalize the devastation to families is almost impossible.

Despite all the problems we face in this part of the world, for the most part, the mountains of West Virginia is a safe and secure haven from most of those natural disasters that strike most sections of the USA.

Yes, we do have some devastating floods, but most people have a chance to take to the nearest hill and the comfort of a neighbors house.

We have a natural state against tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, and terrible forest fires.

A friend says, "If ISIS manages to find one of the missing Soviet suitcase nukes and destroys DC, the Appalachians will shield us from the blast and the westerly breezes will keep the fallout to the east."

Then, an added bonus, folks around here have some great survival skills and when the chips are down, we have really great neighbors.

Those in urban and other USA land areas are also held hostage with their crowded existence and dependence to just survive, their options are sometimes few.

The hills of Sunny Cal are a pretty darn good place to be, as we humble ourselves for the hundreds of thousands of families who are not so fortunate.

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