RURAL FREE DELIVERY - Things My Daddy (1903-1986) Said


By Mack Samples

That stuff you buy thatís made in foreign countries ainít worth carrying home.

I donít want no six cylinder automobile. Them things wonít pull the hat off your head.

When you go down to Charleston you canít hardly get along the street for the cockeyed Bulgarians.

You take a young white oak tree, standing out in a field by itself, the leaves will hang on it all winter.

If you are going to build anything on the side of a hill, youíd better put a drene around it.

Donít ever build nothing on a fill.

Canít never did do anything.

A cat will make a living where a dog will starve to death.

Leave your taters in the ground until late September or early October. Thatís the best place feríem.

You ainít never going to get rich working for another feller.

You take a feller out teaming, heíll whoop the horse that pulls the hardest.

Try to get you a job in the dry. You donít want to work out in the weather like a horse.

Donít let a deer hang around for two or three days before you skin it. Itíll skin better when itís warm and your meat will be better. You donít kill a beef three days before you skin it, do you?

Keep the filth cut around your place so people will think you are worth something.

If you go cut filth for somebody, cut it close. Then he might hire you again.

Nothing good ever come from drinking whiskey.

Treat everyone the same, whether they are rich or poor.

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