WHERE THE HEART IS - What Are You Doing Tonight?


By Alice Hickman

That was the beginning. I was fifteen. He seventeen and home for the weekend. I was wondering around in our little hometown. It was Wood Festival week and there was much ado with cotton candy and hot dog booths, craftspeople displaying their goods and music happening on the court house steps.

Suddenly Bronson was by my side asking me ďWhat are you doing tonight?Ē

It had been a long time since we had seen each other. When I looked at him I still remember thinking ĎWhen did you get to be so handsomeí? All slicked out, a solid built 185 lbs in blue jeans and white T-shirt and Iím sure he had a pack of Marlboros either in pocket or rolled up in his sleeve. It was back in the 1960ís you know.

Maybe it was the twinkle in his eyes, his mischievous dimpled smile or the blue eyes that latched onto my heart. All Iím sure of is when he held my hand, most everything else disappeared. Those hands! Strong but gentle, they took command of me and the rest is history.

Our first date was going to a gospel sing at his small community church. So our life together began and we stayed by each otherís side from then on.

I think it was the commitment that sealed it. That happened when he put that diamond on my finger, in the front seat of that old 1950 something, push-button geared Rambler car. It was a unique car. Just like him. We promised that no matter what, we would never part.

Was it a perfect life? Heck no! It was a roller coaster life. With pit stops, break-downs and over-hauls; but we always remembered our pledge and returned to our maker for a tune-up knowing that He made us and only He could fix us. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat!

Orel Bronson Hickman, Jr. 1949 - 2009

Iím Still Missing You

Our journey together ended a few months ago
My heart is quiet where there used to be a glow.
Iím still missing you.

While holding your hand those last few days
I somehow got lost and couldnít find my way.
Iím still missing you.

I cry out to God, I canít do this alone!
In a still small voice direct from His throne
His presence immediately came to atone.
Iím still missing you.

Iím thinking of Heaven where all things are new
Then I think, ďIím not there yet, Iíve still things to do.Ē
Iím still missing you.

So Iíve dusted off my britches from the ashes and mire
And Iím dressing myself in brand new attire.
My outlook is stretching to visions afar
Iíve found a new hope for many to-mire
But Iím still missing you.

Iíll be testing the waters of lands unknown
And Iíll find that Ďgood waterí and then Iíll be gone
From this bondage thatís holding me I will have flown
But itís still true
Iíll always be missing you.

And thatís where the heart is.

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