"He was taking pictures of an old lady's breasts and I asked him to stop." - Cpl. D. P. Starcher to Charleston Newspapers/State Media

"Defendant was taking photos of a female subject whom had been partially undressed ..." - Cpl. D. P. Starcher, criminal complaint

"These statements by Cpl. Starcher are absolutely untrue, and are malicious, inflammatory and defaming. Besides violating my legal and constitutional rights, they have led to my false arrest." - Editor Bob Weaver


A formal complaint of professional misconduct is being filed with the West Virginia State Police and other agencies against Grantsville Cpl. Douglas L. Starcher by Bob Weaver, Editor of the Hur Herald.

It calls for Starcher's immediate suspension, a review of his personnel file and a complete investigation of his conduct.

The complaint states that Starcher knowingly and willfully misrepresented the picture taking by Weaver at an accident scene near Grantsville on February 6, 2006, where Coleman and Katheryn Burrows died.

The officer made statements in an arrest warrant and to media, saying "He [Weaver] was taking pictures of an old lady's breasts and I asked him to stop," among other inflammatory and malicious statements which were directed toward painting Weaver in a negative light before the public and to the Burrows family.

Emergency Services personnel, at the scene have sustained Mrs. Burrows was not in a state of undress, nor were any photographs taken of her in such a state.

The complaint filed against Starcher states that he fabricated a series of events which led him to be able to arrest Weaver for assault and obstruction against the officer.

It outlines a series of past behaviors by the officer directed toward violating Weaver's legal and constitutional rights, which have now resulted in his false arrest.

The complaint will outline a series of incidents where Starcher violated professional standards, having violated legal and ethical boundaries, not only against Weaver but other citizens of Calhoun County.

It will outline a history of unprofessional conduct.

It also alleges Starcher's supervisors ignore this inappropriate, abusive or illegal conduct, and their failure to hold him accountable, a lack of basic supervision which could possibly have prevented such problems.

The misconduct charges are being filed with Col. D. L. Lemmon, superintendent of the WV State Police and Captain J. A. Parsons OIC of the Professional Standards Unit, in addition to Gov. Joe Manchin, Sgt. Darrin Campbell, Sgt. Dale Fluharty and others.

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