The Calhoun Commission, during Monday's meeting, moved to file an official complaint with the West Virginia Public Service Commission about disruptive land-line phone services to Frontier customers in the Big Springs/Five Forks area of the county.

Frontier customers, complaining to the commission, say the disruptive service problem has existed up to three years, related to antiquated equipment in a sub-station.

The company has failed to fix the problem after many complaints. The customers, many elderly, saying they cannot receive or call family and friends for well-being checks, nor during the disruptions, have the option to call 911 for emergencies.

The commission also passed a resolution regarding the problem:

"Whereas, the Calhoun County WV commission, this 9th day of June, 2014, issues a plea to Frontier Communications of WV and the West Virginia Public Service Commission, for relief from a problem of consistent and disruptive land line telephone service to the citizens of Calhoun County, particularly related to sub-station problems in the Five Forks/Big Springs area of the county, secondarily problems related to land line disruptions in the Chloe area of Calhoun County."

"Whereas, this problem has been consistent for a period of up to three years, primarily related to antiquated equipment and lack of parts to repair, with customers filing numerous complaints to Frontier and the the West Virginia Public Service Commission, with efforts made to temporarily fix service, still resulting in disruptive and intermittent service."

"Whereas, customers have appealed to the Calhoun County Commission, asking for help to obtain relief."

"Whereas, hearing the complaints from the customers, many of whom are elderly and cannot make or receive well-being calls from family or friends during the frequent disruptions and are unable to call 911 for medical or other emergencies, the Calhoun Commission pleads for their relief."

"Whereas, Frontier Communications have long promised relief, but has failed to do so." "Whereas, the Calhoun County Commission is filing a formal complaint with the West Virginia Public Service Commission this date regarding the matter, and does hereby plead with Frontier Communications for relief of the problems, and pledges to keep the matter on a commission agenda until resolved."

Signed June 9, 2014

Scottie Westfall, president

Kevin Helmick, commissioner

Bob Weaver, commissioner

- Commission heard update on Night Sky Project at Calhoun Park, grant was approved, research and development study will allow project to move head.

- Appointed Samantha Cowen to Calhoun Library Board.

- The approval of Charles Stevens to be hired as a Deputy Sheriff by Sheriff Carl Ballengee died for lack of a motion, commissioners indicating the position required a person to be hired for bailiff duties.

- Rodney Godfrey withdrew his request for office space in the courthouse for proposed community projects.

- Approved a request from Tom Ullum/U&S Trucking to be placed on 911 wrecker service rotation.

- Dianne Ludwig reported a biding conference had been held for the installation of a fire escape and other related projects in the courthouse.

- The commission reappointed the three current members of the Mt. Zion PSD Board, Sharon Postalwait, Shirley Mace and Roscoe Gainer.

- 911 gave a report on calls received.

- The commission approved $185 for two goats killed.

- Approved as courthouse custodian Kevin Boak.

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