EX-WIFE OF ACCUSED GILMER MURDERER ARRESTED - Mary Ann Campbell Charged With Child Concealment


By Drew Moody
For the Hur Herald

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Mary Ann Campbell, 27, of Moundsville, ex-wife of accused murderer Everett Campbell, and mother of their two children, was arrested late Wednesday afternoon at the Gilmer County Courthouse.

West Virginia State Police filed a criminal complaint accusing her of "ATTEMPTED CHILD CONCEALMENT," a felony.

SrTrp R.P. Smith succinctly summed up the charges while Campbell worked out details of her bond - "The court gave Everett Campbell full custody of his children, and she was attempting to take them," he said.

Mary Ann Campbell was in Glenville Wednesday, along with family members, scheduled to testify in a closed door hearing before the family court judge.

Prior to her arrest, she was at times talkative, other times angry, and agitated.

She consistently maintained she was awarded custody of her children during the divorce proceedings. Both she and her family appear convinced they have been rail-roaded by the Gilmer County court system.

Threats of lawsuits were mentioned.

Ms. Campbell also said she was Mark Medley's fiancé, prior to his death.

Evidence presented thus far contradicts her custody claims.

During Everett Campbell's bond hearing, Aug 2, Judge Jack Alsop told the court the defendant was awarded full custody of his children.

State Police investigators say he was awarded physical custody of his children as well.

Mark Medley's family characterized their son's relationship with the woman as one of tenant-landlord, and refuted any notion there were romantic entanglements between the pair.

Glenville Police Chief John Moss confirmed last week he spoke to Medley at the Go-Mart about an hour prior to the shooting. Medley asked for help in getting the children, telling Chief Moss that Mary Ann Campbell had custody of her children.

Moss told the pair if they could produce official court documents supporting their claims he would do whatever he could. No paperwork was produced.

The Sand Fork incident, that ended Mark Medley's life July 26, began as an ongoing domestic dispute over the children.

Not long after arriving in Sand Fork, Campbell drew a gun and fired it in the air telling Medley to leave.

He fired again, telling police he intended to shoot Medley in the leg. The bullet struck his mid body cavity. It was a fatal wound.

Campbell is facing first-degree murder charges. Documents indicate Campbell claims he was threatened and feared for his family's safety.

Police said the victim was unarmed at the time of the shooting.

A source familiar with the case, speaking on the condition of anonymity, disclosed recently there have been ongoing problems between Campbell and his ex-wife for well over a year.

The continuing investigation has confirmed significant details of the final minutes prior to the shooting death of Mark Medley.

Everett Campbell's sister, Sue Scott, who had both children in her car, told police her former sister-in-law was driving a minivan and attempted to block her in a downtown Glenville parking lot.

Scott told police she was yelling that she wanted her children. Additional statements were obtained from Scott's husband. During interviews with police Mary Ann Campbell described a nearly identical version of events as other witnesses had.

Police say Mary Ann Campbell also confirmed she was indeed attempting to take her children.

"She stated she drove from Moundsville, West Virginia, to Glenville to get her children," the court file states.

Mary Ann Campbell also apparently admitted to police she was following the Scott vehicle and attempted to block the car in at a downtown Glenville parking lot.

She and Medley subsequently followed the car containing her children to Sand Fork, with Everett Campbell following up behind the group.

The shooting apparently occurred not long after arriving in Sand Fork.

A call requesting help, perhaps placed by the victim, was made to the 9-1-1 center just moments prior to the shooting.

West Virginia State Policeman, SrTrp R.P. Smith heard two gunshots as he left police headquarters to answer the call, a mere 300 yards down the road.

As Mary Ann Campbell's family members attempted to secure the $50,000 bond, for them the arrest was more evidence they'd never get a fair shake in Gilmer County.

"She was told (July 26) there was a good possibility charges would be filed," SrTrp Smith said.

Mary Ann Campbell was released on a $50,000 bond yesterday. If convicted of the felony charges against her, she faces a jail sentence of up to three years.

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