By Drew Moody
For the Hur Herald

In what police described as an argument over a child custody dispute turned deadly for a Moundsville man early last Wednesday evening, July 26.

A single shot from a long-barreled .357 revolver killed Mark Medley, 39. The bullet apparently struck him in the chest area.

Police said the victim was unarmed.

Mark Medley was fatally shot just 300-yards east
of the West Virginia State Police barracks Wednesday
night. He died a short time later. Witnesses said he fell
near the entrance to the trailer near Route 5.
(Photo by Drew Moody)

Everett Jennings Campbell, 33, of Sand Fork, was arrested at the scene without incident and is being held in connection with the shooting at the Central Regional Jail.

Medley had apparently traveled to the area with Campbell's ex- wife. Police would not comment on the nature of the relationship between Medley and the woman.

Police declined to release names of other parties at the trailer, and as of Sunday the court file has not been examined.

Campbell (left) was apprehended without incident shortly after the shooting, according to West Virginia State Police SrTr R.P. Smith, lead investigator.

SrTr Smith was at the WV State Police barracks on State Route 5 when a 9-1-1 dispatcher reported the 9:30 p.m. call. The shooting occurred a mere 300 yards east of the barracks.

Gilmer County Sheriff Mickey Metz said the victim was shot near the roadway and was still alive when he arrived at the scene.

Metz said SrTr Smith administered first aid to the victim until ambulance crews arrived, and that Medley was conscious and speaking with the trooper.

"He coded (died) as they were loading him in the ambulance," Metz said.

Gilmer County Ambulance personnel continued to work on the victim for quite a while before transporting him from the scene, according to Metz.

It is unknown whether the victim was revived, or when he was officially pronounced dead.

There were apparently several people at the scene of the shooting, including children. Police would not identify or comment on who may have witnessed the incident.

State Police from Lewis and Braxton Counties responded to the shooting, as well as the Gilmer County Sheriff's Department.

According to the 2004 West Virginia Crime Report, 18 people (out of a total of 60) were murdered in the state as a result of a domestic dispute-related situation. That equates to roughly 33-percent of all West Virginia murders that year being tied to domestic situations.

Last year, apparently for the first time, Vermont logged no domestic violence related deaths. In 1991 it had 22 such deaths out of 24 total murders and subsequently instituted tough laws to combat the trend. In 2005 there were a total of five murders in Vermont.

So far this year in Vermont there have been two murders, one related to a domestic situation.

The murder rate in West Virginia had been steadily falling since 1993, when those killed numbered 126, according to date posted at

Murder rates in West Virginia for the past few years are as follows: in 2001 there were 47; 2002 the number reached 75 and in 2003 there were 40.

The incidence of domestic violence murders has generally increased and in some areas are spiking to record levels. The Star Bulletin of Hawaii reported that five women have been killed there in the past month in such incidents. For more information about the Star Bulletin news report see

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